Commercial Property

If you own a commercial property and your property is used by others to run a business - like a shop, office or warehouse, it is important to protect your investment against a variety of risks.

Without adequate insurance protection you could be exposing yourself and what you have worked so hard to build to financial ruin.

When planning to protect your property, you should focus on three important areas:

1. Buildings, fixtures and fittings

Fire, water, explosion, malicious acts and other weather-related events all pose a serious threat of causing substantial damage to buildings, fixtures and fittings.

2. Rent

Should your property be subject to an insured event, then you could lose rental income while the property is being repaired. Tenants who default on rent could also have a large impact on your income stream.

3. Liability

This could include personal injury claims (such as a customer seeking compensation after falling at your premises), property damage (such as damage caused by your tenants or products), or advertising liability (such as another landlord suing you for libel).

We can match your needs with the right cover and the right insurer. We can even insure you for the risks that you might not think about, such as theft by tenants and flood cover. And you may be able to combine multiple properties under a single policy.

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